PrimeRevenue Announces Financial Institution Reseller Programme

PrimeRevenue has launched a new comprehensive reseller programme designed to enable global financial institutions (FIs) to better compete for supply chain finance opportunities. “A financial institution will invest millions of dollars and years of time to build and maintain their own working capital technology solutions,” states PJ Bain, CEO of PrimeRevenue. “PrimeRevenue is offering these institutions a more cost-effective, scalable approach by opening access to a complete set of technology-enabled solutions for the banking industry.”

Previously, PrimeRevenue offered FIs the option for expanding their portfolios by funding programmes originated through or alongside PrimeRevenue’s proprietary origination channel. Now, FIs have another option for offering their enterprise customers market-leading solutions: independently managing the sales and operations process by licensing PrimeRevenue’s working capital solutions, including expert training, analytics and operational support.

“As a former banker, I know first-hand the internal struggles FIs experience to build, maintain and advance cutting-edge technology solutions,” adds PrimeRevenue’s Executive Vice President, Global Head of Funding Dominic Capolongo. “PrimeRevenue’s comprehensive reseller programme allows FIs to instantly access our suite of cloud-enabled technology and best practices designed to accelerate client service capabilities.”