PlasmaPay presents the world’s first crypto payment system

In the framework of the global conference Money 20/20, which will be held in Las Vegas on October 21-24, 2018, the founder of the crypto payment system of the new generation PlasmaPay will present the advanced features of the project for both users and participants of the financial industry.

“We have created a truly unique payment system that meets all the modern requirements from users and the market. In one window, users have access to the widest range of options for working with crypto and fiat currency, investment and payment instruments. Easy, convenient and intuitive interface, a high level of security and the most popular options are now available to everyone in their own language,” – notes the project’s founder Ilia Maksimenka.

As he notes, the project is unique in the market: the existing payment systems have only optional capabilities for working with digital money. PlasmaPay has a fully functional ability to work with cryptocurrency. For this purpose, the company received a license to operate with digital assets around the world.

PlasmaPay users can already buy cryptocurrency using a bank card, as well as pay for the purchase with a SEPA / SWIFT transfer. You can refill the balance in various fiat currencies and also transfer money to cards, banks, payment systems using the platform. At the same time, the functionality of the payment system is actively updated with its own and partner solutions.

“We are actively working with partners and are planning to connect local payment systems from various countries to our platform. We see great prospects for users and for the entire financial market in it,” – notes Ilya Maksimenka.

The ability to work with fiat money and cryptocurrency, as well as the prospects to be localized through the payment systems of other countries, offer exciting possibilities for providing cross-border transfers in cryptocurrency.

PlasmaPay is also preparing a separate unique range of options for trading and loans. Thus, it will no longer be just a payment system focused on one or another type of currency and operations, but an international financial platform of a new generation. The users’ interest in the project since the official launch is a clear confirmation: up to 10 people in 89 countries join the system every minute.

Users from all the continents connect to the platform. The payment system of the new generation predictably attracted the most interest in Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as South America, for example, Nigeria, and crypto active European countries, such as Germany.

It happens due to the unique multilingual platform already supported in 36 different languages for users from all over the world. A convenient interface in your language is easy and quick to dip into: all you need is to register and create a crypto wallet which can be quickly and safely topped up using a fiat card. The wallet topping up is available through the Simplex partner service integrated into the payment system.

In the account, users can access key cryptocurrency transactions in BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH (the list is being updated). At the same time, according to Ilia Maksimenko, PlasmaPay is actively studying user preferences, on the basis of which the available options are created.