Payment system of the new generation PlasmaPay announced its official launch

The multicurrency payment system PlasmaPay, which called for applications for beta testing in July, is now available in full-fledged mode to all users. After the successful 3 months’ beta testing, in October the system has appeared in the public domain. From the very first days of work, up to 10 users per minute join the system!

The founder of PlasmaPay, Ilya Maksimenka, notes that users from all continents connect to the system, and  this new generation payment system is expected to be of the greatest interest in Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as in South America, for example, in Nigeria, and in some cryptoactive European countries such as Germany.

This is due to the unique multilingual platform that supports 20 different languages ​​for users from all over the world. A convenient interface in your own language allows users to quickly understand the functionality and start working in just 2 minutes.

“We have created a truly unique payment system that meets all modern requirements imposed by users. Easy, convenient and intuitive interface, high security and the most popular options are now available to everyone in their own language”, – notes Maksimenka.

Today, users can make cryptocurrency transfers by just creating an account and a crypto wallet in the system. The wallet can be quickly and safely replenished by a fiat card. The replenishment of the wallet is available through the Simplex partner service integrated into the payment system.

In the crypto wallet, users can make transactions with any key cryptocurrencies – BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, the list of which is being updated. At the same time, according to Ilya Maksimenka, PlasmaPay is actively working to study users preferences and to develop available options on their basis.

In the nearest future, transactions with fiat currencies will also be available in the PlasmaPay system. The system has obtained license for all types of operations – creating virtual wallets, exchanging virtual currency for fiat currency and vice versa, etc. The license was obtained in Estonia, the company residence country.

“By the end of 2019 we plan to introduce cryptocurrency and fiat processing for Internet business, to launch a card project, a pilot project with a bank in the EU, to launch a service with international money transfers for individual jurisdictions. In 2019, the project will begin a wide expansion to all countries of the EU and Asia”, – notes Ilya Maksimenka.​

For entering the European Union and Asia the company is holding negotiations with five banks in Germany, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as with three partners in the money transfer industry, including the US.

For customers of the payment system all transfers in cryptocurrencies will be provided without a fee. Exchange transactions and replenishments of plastic cards will be subject to a commission of 0.5-1%, which is equal to the commissions for standard fiat operations. Users will have access to all types of transfers: to bank accounts, cards, through third-party payment systems, in cash.

A distinctive feature of the service, according to Ilya Maksimenko, is the ability to open an account in any bank in any country. The founder of the new payment system is convinced that today is the time for “open banking”, when users can open an account in any state without any obstacles and control transfers without excessive bank fees in each of the jurisdictions. This is exactly the mission that PlasmaPay developers have defined for themselves.

Up to now, about 650 thousand US dollars have been invested in the project. The company is ready for the next round of investment. As Ilya Maksimenka notes, the primary goals of the project include the task of catching up and overtaking competitors in terms of the user’s number, so for the next 3 years the company has chosen a model of 100% reinvestment of profits in the new geographical areas of the project.