BANCOMAT S.p.A. presents its new digital payment service

Thanks to an agreement with SIA, BANCOMAT Pay will integrate the Jiffy service,
allowing PagoBANCOMAT® cardholders to pay, in stores and online, and to send and receive money in real time from their smartphone in total security simply by using their mobile phone number.

This partnership will permit new payment services to be made available to PagoBANCOMAT® cardholders,
based on technology solutions already created by SIA, in particular to transfer money between private
citizens (P2P), to purchase goods and services both online and at the stores of PagoBANCOMAT®-
subscribing merchants (P2B), and to make payments to central and local public administration
bodies (P2G) through the PagoPA platform.

Upon the launch of BANCOMAT Pay – expected for next autumn – it will be made available to around 5 million
users registered with Jiffy, at over 2,000 outlets, mainly in large-scale retail, and on PagoPA for
payments to the Italian public sector. Counting on the strength of the BANCOMAT brand, a watchword for
security and simplicity, and on its widespread distribution, with about 37 million PagoBANCOMAT® cardholders and over 440 banks using its services, BANCOMAT S.p.A. aims to develop the potential of the new digital payment service far beyond its current market penetration.

BANCOMAT Pay will be available for use by all PagoBANCOMAT® cardholders through the banks subscribing to the service, via their bank’s app or otherwise via the BANCOMAT Pay app. In just a few seconds and from the user’s smartphone, it will be possible for them to make money transfers and payments without the need to
have the physical card with them or to enter the relative PIN.

“During our thirty years in business, we have consolidated our most precious asset – the trust of the market
and the customer. From today we want to combine this value with all the potential of technological innovation,
making money transactions even more simple and immediate. With BANCOMAT Pay, we intend to take our first
step to entering the world of payment services of the future where it is not just cash that is dematerialized but
the card itself. Together with banks we want to be the facilitators and champions of change and innovation for
the country”, said Alessandro Zollo, CEO of BANCOMAT S.p.A.

“The strategic agreement with Bancomat and the significant digital transformation of the payment instrument
most widely used by Italians represents the completion of a path in the design and implementation of innovative services started up by SIA many years ago alongside the Italian banking system. We have invested heavily in Jiffy, together with the 130-plus banks that already use it, and from today we are making its innovative features available to Bancomat to facilitate digitalization and make the Italian country system even more efficient”, commented Nicola Cordone, Deputy CEO of SIA.