Surecomp Delivers DOKA-NG® To Rabobank

Surecomp®, global provider of trade finance solutions for banks and corporates, announced today the successful delivery of DOKA-NG® to Rabobank in the Netherlands as the first stage of a new trade finance platform which
will be based on Surecomp’s back-office solution DOKA-NG and front-office allNETT solution providing a straight through processing for trade finance operations.

Rabobank was established in 1972 and is headquartered in the  Rabotoren Tower, which located in the Dutch city of Utrecht. Rabobank does business all over the world and have over 8.5 million customers. With modernized dashboards and processing features, DOKA-NG and allNETT have earned reputations as the industry standards for their respective fields. Their platforms were designed to deliver increased efficiency for users through automation which saves time and eradicates human error. DOKA-NG is an internet-based back-office trade finance solution; allNETT offers a vehicle for hassle-free, paperless and immediate correspondence between bank. Together, they provide a fully integrated end-to- end trade services solution with outstanding straight-through processing capabilities.

Rabobank is a member of the well-known consortium of nine banks called, which is a ‘digital platform for managing, tracking and protecting trade transactions between SMEs’. The platform delivers benefits to its customers offering a the use of a smart contract and an open bank secure platform. As prepares for its soft launch, the delivery DOKA-NG at Rabobank could not be more timely. The first module to be implemented by the bank will be for and will include DOKA-NG’s new module for bank payment undertaking and invoice discounting.

“Surecomp is delighted to welcome Rabobank into the fold of our clients who are partner banks, a list which proudly includes Société Générale, Nordea, KBC, Deutsche Bank, UniCredit and several HSBC entities” said Jochen Oberländer, Surecomp general manager.”

As the financial world becomes increasingly digital, and Rabobank continues to be a hub for innovation, Surecomp is proud of the partnership that we have created. We are confident that DOKA-NG and allNETT will serve as a highly effective and integrated front-to- back trade finance platform.”